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FluentU is hands-down the best piece of language learning software I’ve ever used.

Olly Richards, Polygot

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Learn with real-world videos in 9 languages, all included in your plan: Chinese, Spanish, English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Russian

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Start free trial and get 40% off

Why learn with FluentU?

Why learn with FluentU?

Engaging, authentic content

Access the web's best video content that's entertaining, timely and hand-picked for language learners.

Personalized learning

Multimedia flashcards, subtitles, quizzes and more learning tools make it possible to understand real-world content at any level.

Access to 9 all languages

Learn any (or all!) of the 9 languages available: Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Korean and English.

Try it risk-free for 14 days

Downgrade at any time before your trial ends and you won't be charged a cent.

Justin Jensen

I' ve been studying French for many years and I have been starting to study Spanish in the last year. Since I started using Fluentu, my language comprehension is developing so quickly that I finally feel like fluency is within reach. The website makes studying enjoyable and it makes progress tangible.

Justin Jensen

Why learn with FluentU?

Secure payment

Pay easily with a variety of payment methods. All transactions are processed over an SSL-encrypted connection.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel your subscription at any time and still have access to the courses until the end of your current payment period. (Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically renewed.)

Permanent discount (when you sign up NOW!)

Lock in your discount for as long as you stay a paying member.

Satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back!

If you're not making the progress you expected with FluentU, write to us at support@fluentu.com after your trial and receive a refund on the unused portion of your subscription.

Niel, Confused Laowai

I really really like the fact that the videos are real authentic videos. It makes it much more interesting. Learning Chinese almost becomes an afterthought to the fact that you are watching cool videos.

Niel, Confused Laowai

Fluency is within reach with FluentU.

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What users are saying

Süleyman ÖĞREKÇİ

I have tried most of the major competing apps and decided on FluentU. Because other apps just force me to memorize frequently used sentences and phrases like "hello", "how are you?", "where do you come from?", etc. But, FluentU makes me figure out the structure of the language and basic grammar. And it just works, I became able to create sentences and ask questions in just a few days. I like this app very much.

Süleyman ÖĞREKÇİ

Rachel Hollars

I am enjoying FluentU. I have been using this site for a couple weeks and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in my vocabulary. I love that it uses a lot of relevant clips like Norman fait des videos to practice REAL French, and it is presented in such a fun way that it makes it easy to practice. Using this site has become part of my daily routine.

Rachel Hollars

Frederick Calestini

I really like learning with the videos. I have studied using other methods and it was very hard to put what you were learning into context. With the videos, not only are you learning new vocabulary, you are seeing how it is used. For example the tone which is used, the body language of the person using the phrase and the reaction to the phrase being said.

Frederick Calestini

Aileen Raquel Araúz

I love how I get to see videos, listen to music and learn about real and relevant aspects of the Chinese culture. I enjoy seeing faces in those videos of actors and people that I can recognize from other programs outside of Fluent U – which again tells me that the materials I get are relevant in the real Chinese/Taiwanese culture!

Aileen Raquel Araúz

Learn the natural way with FluentU!

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